The EMOTUR laboratory contributes to developing and disseminating new knowledge about tourism, culture, its people, and everything related to the sector from an entirely different point of view in which the disciplines of Neuroscience and Tourism are integrated. The EMOTUR team analyses the hidden side of tourists (emotions, attention, memories) using marketing, information technology and neuromarketing tools (eye tracking, biological responses, EEG, virtual and augmented reality…). These will help to understand the behaviour, design new products and communication, and improve the well-being of tourists, tourism companies, the environment, residents, and their local culture.
The EMOTUR laboratory of the University of las Palmas de Gran Canaria, together with The University Institute of Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development (TIDES), works hand in hand with the UNESCO Chair in Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development to transfer and put into practice the knowledge produced. They are cooperating with local communities in developing countries to address a comprehensive eco-endo-development of tourism activity, which directly affects the well-being of the target populations, strengthening their capacities and valuing the culture, traditions, value of tangible or intangible heritage and respect the environment.

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