Ibero-American Theater Festival of Bogotá

The Ibero-American Theater Festival of Bogotá is a major cultural event in Colombia and one of the largest performing arts festivals in the whole world. It takes place every other year in the Colombian capital and brings together the most important theater companies from five continents. For seventeen days, the city becomes the setting for colorful parades; Bogotá dresses up for the party and becomes a genuine Theater City.

Every two years, Bogotá becomes the largest theatrical stage in the world.

In the course of seventeen days, Colombians and visitors from all over the world come to Bogotá to massively attend the theater halls and fill the streets of the capital, enjoying an unparalleled theater adventure.

The festival offers the most complete panorama of performing arts. Aside from classical works, it is a showcase of dance, circus, music, puppetry, pantomime, performance art, and even concerts, many of which take place simultaneously in Bogota’s halls and streets.

Additionally, there are specialized workshops and lectures by maestros of the scenic arts from five continents.

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