Phi Ta Khon Museum

Phi Ta Khon museum is situated in Wat Phon Chai, Amphoe Dan Sai, Loei. It exhibits the history of inherited culture and traditions including “Phi Ta Khon”, the traditional amusement that has been inherited for a long time. Boon Phi Ta Khon Festival is a part of Boon Luang Festival, a big merit festival of the year in this area that combines Boon Prevet Festival (Heet Duen See) and Boon Bung Fai Festival (Heet Duen Hok) together. The purpose of Boon Pravet Festival is to tell the Sermon of the last great incarnation story of the Buddha. The purpose of Boon Bung Fai Festival is to cerebrate for the city angels and to make the rain falls in the right season. Phi Ta Khon in the parade will entertain people. It is said that Phi Ta Khon might came from wearing a mask that looks like Khon’s head. Some call it “Phi Ta Kon”, “Phi Tam Kon”, and eventually “Phi Ta Khon”.Apart from the exhibition of culture and traditions, the museum also exhibits various kinds of Phi Ta Khon. There are 2 types of Phi Ta Khon. The first type is Phi Ta Khon Yai, both female and male. This type of Phi Ta Khon is not made every year except in the determined ceremonies. The second type is Phi Ta Khon Lek that we see every year. There is also the demonstration of Phi Ta Khon mask making which has these following parts. The head is made from a half-folded earthenware steamer which looks like a hat. The face is made from a base of a coconut branch. It is sewed with the head part and then pierced for the eyes. The nose is made from a carved soft wood which looks like a human’s nose. Now the trunk-shaped nose is more popular. The decoration is done by natural colors in the past such as calcium hydroxide, red lime, ashes, curcuma, and soot. However, oil color has been used instead since it gives more colorful color. Then small pieces of cloth are sewed together with the streamer and the face and will cover the shoulders. The process of Phi Ta Khon masks is finished. The museum also provides souvenir shop for visitors. Travelling From Dan Sai District Office, use the Public Highway No. 2114, passing Dan Sai Police Station and Dan Sai Market. After passing the bridge, Wat Phon Chai is on the left hand side. Phi Ta Khon is in this temple.

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