Santa Cruz carnival

Located in Barranco de Santos next to the bridge Puente Galcerán, with a surface area of 1,052.74 square meters, Casa del Carnaval represents a milestone in the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and it provides new way of understanding this festival. It has been declared an “International Tourist Attraction” and this is how we would like it to be regarded by its visitors.

The area has a permanent exhibition hall with costumes and interesting items related to the Carnival, a multi-purpose room for temporary exhibits and presentations of all kinds. This multi-purpose hall is called ‘Sala Suspi’, in honour of a well-known Carnival’s street musician (murguero). A centre for documentation and conservation on our Carnival’s heritage aimed at experts, journalists, students and researchers, which will allow the cataloguing of funds; an area for workshops and dynamic activities related to the festival; a cafeteria and a shop.

Undoubtedly a visit to the Casa del Carnaval will be a unique experience, thanks to the different digital applications that allow the visitor to feel and experience the festival from within, including the opportunity to try on costumes.

We are opening following all preventive measures. Minimum interpersonal safety distance of at least 1.5 metres must be kept with us besides use of hydroalcoholic gel. The capacity limitations for common areas must be complied. All persons over 6 years have to wear a face mask. It’s mandatory the correct use at all moment. Ask us your doubts.

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