The Medellín Flower Fair : A Flood of Flowers

In August, when Medellín – known as the “city of eternal spring” – blooms in all its splendor and balconies, terraces, gardens, and billboards get flooded with flowers, it is the beginning of the famous fair.

This feast of flowers takes place in early August and lasts ten days. It offers visitors and residents over 140 cultural, traditional, and modern events, the following among them: a horse fair, an orchestra festival, the national trova festival (singers in duels of improvised verses), an old and classic cars parade, a dog walk, musical and cultural platforms, the festival of remembrance and folk songs, a contest of talented women, the chiva carnival (a chiva is the typical open-sided bus built on a truck chassis), and the national championship of noise on wheels.

The flower fair is one of the cultural episodes in Colombia with a high degree of reaffirmation of identity and an event that brings together antioqueñosand thousands of visitors in search of flowers, enjoyment, music, and fun.

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