World Centre of Excellence for Destinations


The CED’s mission is to guide destinations worldwide towards excellence by supporting them in their efforts to foster sustainable development and increase their abilities to generate economic, social, and cultural benefits.


Enhancing the geographical character of place, its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its residents.


The Centre for Excellence in Destinations is one of the best initiatives championing the cause of destination excellence. Its presence across several countries has greatly contributed to the sustainable development of the destinations through collaborations with different regional organisations. Providing a platform for people and organisations to collaborate and learn, this model for measuring destinations excellence consists of all components for assessing the destinations performance in terms of overall sustainability. Sharing such practices and knowledge will lead to sustained excellence for destinations in the long run. Associated with the organization from around the world, CED experts contribute to re-equipping the organization's goals with their invaluable contributions.

Prof. Dr. Parikshat Singh MANHAS

Rector, Udhampur Campus

Director, School of Hospitality & Tourism Management (SHTM), University of Jammu, Jammu, Jammu & Kashmir, India

CED distinguishes itself as an ideal platform for the exchange of opinions, insights and new ideas on tourism and destination management. At a time when our one and only world faces challenges of unprecedented magnitudes, CED stirs business confidence and thought leadership for tourism as the world struggles against climate change, natural catastrophes, and a prolonged health crisis. CED is tirelessly forging for the world populations and destinations to bring out the best from themselves. This is the noble mission of CED in advancing the cause of tourism through quality and excellence.


Managing Director, Tourism Business Intelligence

Thanks CED for such a great and inspire work. Your achievement over the last 15 years has been highly valuable for the excellence of destinations over the world, making very important contributions to the well-being of people and planet. Indeed, with the help of CED’s innovative tools, dynamic methodologies, and experience-sharing between partners, many destinations have adopted and implemented sustainable practices, within the economic, social and environmental categories. Keep up the great work!

Prof. Dr. Carla Pinto CARDOSO

Head of Tourism Department, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Braga, Portugal

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